Good Ideas Organic Eco Pond Clear Pond Cleaner

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Good Ideas Eco Pond Clear
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Totally organic, no chemicals.Harmless to fish, pond life,aquatic plants clears algae bloom, blanket weed, green scum, duckweed.

Good Ideas Eco Pond Cleaner 500ml.


Totally organic, no chemicals. Harmless to fish, pond life and aquatic plants.

Cleans algae bloom, blanket weed, green scum and duckweed.


When water ecology is healthy, you see naturally beautiful, clear water. In most cases, poor pond water quality, is a result of an overload of organic matter, including excess nitrogen and phosphorous. This build up serves as a food supply, for algae, anaerobic bacteria, and certain weeds. You may not only see algae blooms and conditions, but you can often smell the results of poor quality. Good Ideas Eco Pond Clear is an all natural, microbial based product effective for maintaining better pond and lake water. It is a concentration of selected, proprietary, naturally occurring microbes which act to bring pond water back into ecological equilibrium.

The result is reduced organic sediment and particulates in ponds, reduced sludge, enhanced conditions for aquatic life, and clearer, cleaner water. Eco Pond Clear creates clean pond and lake water through natural biological processes. It introduces beneficial microbes which pre-emptively, consume the food source which supports algae and anaerobic bacteria growth. Without food, algae die. You will see cleaner, clearer water based on a healthy, naturally balanced pond ecosystem. The active microbes in Good Ideas Eco Pond Clear consume excess nutrients from the bottom to the surface, thanks to a unique oxygenating ingredient.


Good Ideas Eco Pond Clear keeps working, and is especially, effective used in conjunction with mechanical aeration devices. With these conditions, you will typically, see crystal clear water in two to three weeks. In many cases, copper sulphate is used as a quick remedy. Copper sulphate does produce a fast result. But the results are temporary. Additionally, application of copper sulphate adds heavy, metals into the environment.

Completely, and naturally, biodegradable Manufactured for Good Ideas